Cutting Board Care.

A few care and feeding instructions:

Before using the board, wipe a few drops of board gel on each side.  This will help seal the board and prevent stains.

Your product is designed for daily use and can take a pounding. Don’t be afraid to chop away. However:

  • Don’t wash it in the dishwasher or expose it to high heat. This is a sure way to melt the food-safe glue that binds the wood.
  • Don’t soak the board in water. It’s okay to hand wash it with soap and water, but prolonged exposure to moisture may warp the wood.

Periodically wax your board to keep it sealed. If you run out of gel, you can use food-safe mineral oil or a commercial product like Howard Butcher Block conditioner available at most home stores.

I do not recommend using vegetable based oils like olive oil or peanut oil as they tend to oxidize and may impart a rancid flavor to your food.

For stains, a quick solution is to take half a lemon and use it to scrub rock salt on the board. This should eliminate light stains.

To remove smells, wipe the board with a little white vinegar.

For darker stains, don’t be afraid to buff them out with 220 grit sandpaper. After you sand, reapply a new coat of gel or similar oil.